Attention All Women Cancer Survivors:

One-Day Fly-fishing Retreat - August 3, 2024

Beach Lake Lodge, Chugiak

Applications Due: July 15, 2024

WomenLISTEN,Inc., is excited to continue our popular annual fly-fishing event! This one-day retreat—limited to 10 women—is available free of charge to women who have had a diagnosis of any cancer. Retreat facilities are basic, but include access to a lodge with indoor plumbing (including a kitchen with refrigerator and indoor bathroom facilities). Come prepared to have an enjoyable, active, fun-filled day, packed with laughter and information as you build a supportive and empowering network through talking and fly-fishing activities, including fly-casting and float tubing on a lake. We have fishing gear, including float tubes, fins, rods, reels and waders, with sizes to fit most. If you have a canoe or kayak, you are welcome to bring and use it. No pets, alcohol, tobacco or smoking.

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Past Retreat Participant Comments and Pictures

  • Everyone was so nice and accommodating; it was great!
  • My most enjoyable activity was going out on the lake in the float tubes. I love the gift bags.
  • Women LISTEN and the retreat gave me hope and to keep moving forward.
  • I learned new information about fly-tying and knots and how to walk backwards with fins so I wouldn’t fall.
  • I enjoyed learning new skills and talking with others and making new friends.
  • I found a new way to get outside.
  • I found I can walk more and I was complimented a lot on my learning. I was afraid it would be too much.
  • I could float and fish at my leisure. I enjoyed hearing the WomenLISTEN history.There was such warmth and kindness in the room
  • I was overwhelmed with love and generosity from total strangers.Sharing our stories and being open about our personal lives helped to make connections with each other.
  • Good thing about the retreat? Getting to hang out with girls.
  • The only “have to” was to show up. That was so cool.
  • It’s so nice to feel taken care of – the surroundings, the food and the people.
  • I was overwhelmed (positively) by everything.
  • It was a luxury to be taken care of. 
  • I never could see myself fly-fishing, and now I sure can.
  • I learned about these people and what a wonderful group they are.
  • I gained hope, inspiration and the ability to forgive.
  • It lifts you up.
  • I got in the float tube and actually did it!  I can’t swim a lick, and I did it, and it was the best day of my life.
  • I hadn’t been in a canoe for a bazillion years and we did it.  Paddling in the canoe was lots of fun and it was great to know I could do it again.
  • I really enjoyed the people I met. There’s not one person here that I haven’t enjoyed visiting with, gotten something from and I would enjoy seeing again.
  • The most memorable moment included sharing and storytelling that brought us closer together. I especially enjoyed the relaxation exercise on the dock.
  • The experience of being on the water was restorative.
  • I loved being able to share my condition with people who understood and didn’t back off.
  • I’m starting to understand my new normal and it is OK to be me.
  • It was a peaceful space and I was able to relax and connect.  The experience was powerful because it allowed connections on many levels.  We cried and laughed and learned a lot about fly fishing and even more about life.
  • I loved all aspects of the retreat including casting, knot tying, and crazy game last night.
  • I liked meeting new people and learning how to float tube.  
  • It was a time to relax and recharge the life batteries for my new normal.

Flyfishing in Innertubes

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